Children, Families & Incarceration

Children, Families & Incarceration

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay

Children are reunited with their incarcerated father in the Dominican Republic. He has since been released, but his children continue to receive support from and participate in CWS-supported activities implemented by Caminante. Photo: Caminante Proyecto Educativo.

The CWS-supported platform for the defense of the rights of children and adolescents with incarcerated parents, known as Plataforma NNAPEs, continued to strengthen its position as a key actor at both a regional and national level this year. Some of the national accomplishments included producing a documentary in Argentina, creating a protocol in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior in Uruguay and the support of a group of youth and relatives in the Dominican Republic.

In February 2017, CWS was invited to present our team’s regional work at a meeting organized jointly with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva. This trip to Geneva also included meetings with the World Council of Churches and Child Rights Connect, the largest and most prominent network of children’s rights organizations worldwide. Plataforma NNAPEs became an of cial member of Child Rights Connect this year.

At the regional level, Plataforma NNAPEs consolidated its partnership with the Organization of American States Inter-American Children’s Institute by signing a cooperative agreement that will allow for joint efforts and information exchanges that will eventually inform public policy aimed at protecting the rights of children with incarcerated family members. Additionally, both the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children and Open Society Foundations decided to support research efforts around the issue at the regional level led by Plataforma NNAPEs members.

of which CWS is the leading member, is made up of 10 members working in nine nations across Latin America and the Caribbean.