HIV Prevention Education & Action

HIV Prevention Education & Action


Timor-Leste Defense Forces medic Corporal Salvador do Santos at a CWS-led Monitoring and Evaluation workshop in March 2017.

This year, our team and partners in Timor-Leste continued strengthening HIV prevention and support, including improved testing and counseling, to the nation’s defense forces. We helped increase awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS among military families and their neighbors; separately, increased leadership from within military ranks helped further reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

This year, 775 military personnel and 1,195 of their family members and neighbors joined information sessions about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections and about reducing the stigma of and stopping discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. Additionally, 424 people were tested and counseled about their HIV status.

Our team partners with leaders of the Timor-Leste Defense Forces, the Ministry of Health and the national organization Esperança. Working with volunteers and staff from these partners, CWS reached a new generation of HIV prevention educators to continue addressing an issue of great importance in Timor-Leste, one of the world’s newest and poorest countries where we have worked for 14 years.

This program reached
1,970 people in 11 communities
directly, and hundreds more in cities where World AIDS Day events were held.