Child Safeguarding Advocacy & Action

Child Safeguarding Advocacy & Action


Young girls who attend a Church of Christ in Thailand school do some ‘group work’ to share their thoughts on what makes them feel safe at school and at home, and when they feel risk or harm.
Photo: Suchawalee Mankhon

This year was one of great accomplishment for the leadership of The Church of Christ in Thailand which, with continuing CWS encouragement and specialist support from Childline Thailand Foundation President Supinda Chakraband, formally approved and celebrated a Code of Conduct for Child Safeguarding for all members of the Church family: congregations, schools, universities, orphanages and hospitals. The document was rigorously reviewed and discussed to ensure positive understanding and acceptance. As soon as it was approved, the staff of the Office of Child Protection and a CWS team of child safeguarding specialists started to support the rollout of the Code across Thailand.

Separately, progress was made toward groundbreaking for the new Kwai River Christian Hospital, which is supported in part by a partnership between CWS and the U.S. government’s American Schools and Hospitals Abroad initiative.

This year 1,000 children and 466 adults
joined educational child protection workshops. The number of people who were impacted because of peer outreach from the workshops is in the thousands.