Advocacy and Action for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Justice

Advocacy and Action for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Justice


CWS President and CEO the Rev. John L. McCullough (left) and CWS Japan Country Representative Takeshi Komino (center) chat with Rev. Dohke from the United Church of Christ at a historic gathering of Japan’s Christian community marking the 70th anniversary of the CWS-supported LARA program in Tokyo in November 2016.

As an advocate for disaster risk reduction and climate justice within Asia and in the global humanitarian preparedness and response sector, our team in Japan continued its noteworthy progress this year.

In building on critical lessons learned in responding to the 2011 East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster, our Japan team reinforced their leadership among non-governmental and faith-based partners and our collective advocacy to governments. By continuing to engage with networks like the private-public Japan Platform, Japan CSO Coalition for DRR and the Japan Ecumenical Taskforce for SAIGAI, which means disaster, CWS continued to press world leaders and governments to fulfill their commitments and address the complexities of reducing disaster risk for their most vulnerable citizens.

A key DRR initiative this year was to help ensure implementation of the Sendai Framework in Afghanistan in partnership with Community World Service Asia and Japan Conservation Engineers, Co. Ltd.

While fighting for changes and progress globally, our team also continued to build domestic partnerships to ensure that best practices are implemented within Japan. These partnerships include the Tokyo Innovation Hub, the Fukushima Booklet Committee, Japan Conservation Engineers, Co. Ltd., Japan CSO Coalition for DRR, Japan Ecumenical Taskforce for SAIGAI, the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation, the Japan Quality and Accountability Network, the National Christian Council in Japan, Peace Boat Disaster Volunteer Center and the Asian Disaster Risk Reduction Network.

CWS efforts in Japan positively impacted more than
70,000 people
this year.