School Safe Zones

School Safe Zones


Chepakul Primary School in West Pokot, Kenya is part of the School Safe Zones program.

Access to education is a fundamental human right for all children and a key building block of transformative impact at individual, family and community levels. That’s why our team - through our School Safe Zones program - is working with partners in 10 schools in Kenya’s West Pokot and Turkana counties. We remain resolutely committed to ensuring that all girls and boys have access to safe, accessible and affordable education.

This year, the SSZ program employed creative and sustainable solutions that have broken some of the challenges that children, especially girls, face when attempting to complete their education. Girls in isolated, rural areas often face deep-seated barriers to education, including female genital mutilation and early forced marriages, which continue to curtail girls from realizing their full potential.

The significant achievements during this past year include:

  • Constructing five standard classrooms, a girl’s dormitory, a school fence and two teachers’ rooms
  • Distributing school uniforms for 1,399 students
  • Providing student desks, learning materials and play equipment
  • Training 250 adolescent girls on reproductive health and provision of a monthly supply of sanitary towels
  • Establishing two rural satellite schools and the hiring of four qualified PTA teachers
  • Providing refresher training on school safety guidelines and policies for 88 teachers and school management committees
  • Advocating for child protection and children’s rights that reached 1,767 parents in four school communities
  • Holding four education advocacy sessions for increased government support and services

Thanks to these activities, there has been a marked increase in student enrollment in West Pokot and Turkana counties, by 27 percent and 74 percent respectively. Furthermore, the satellite schools have been formally registered and are now being mainstreamed into the public education system.