Applying Mobile Technology In Drought Response

Applying Mobile Technology in Drought Response

Kenya, South Africa

An enumerator uses a mobile device to collect data in Tana River County, Kenya.

Timely and accurate data can significantly improve emergency response activities. Our team in Kenya used tablets equipped with the Open Data Kit mobile application to collect field data as part of monitoring and evaluation of its emergency drought response. In the pilot phase of cash-for-work in Tana River, four enumerators interviewed 44 cash-for-work participants, whose responses were recorded using handheld tablets. Use of mobile data collection was expanded during the scale-up of cash-for-work in June and July 2017.

Mobile data collection has made for a quicker and less stressful data collection process than traditional paper-based data collection. Information can be collected remotely using tablets and transmitted at a later point, which is helpful when collecting data in locations with limited or inconsistent access to mobile networks. CWS has since deployed tablets with Open Data Kit in urban programming in Nairobi and has prepared a working document that provides step-by-step guidance on using mobile approaches in project monitoring and evaluation.